There are currently two strands to my practice, in one I am working with watercolour to build up fantasy spaces within a restricted area. Everything about the form is deliberate, right down to the framing and the forms found within. Making an appearance in the watercolour works ‘the Arch’, ‘the Angle’, ‘the Markers’ and as always ‘the Horizon’. These set forms help produce a series that learns from itself, the works live individually but all the while forming a series. The attention to detail within these compassions is heightened through the scale and the importance of the medium becomes paramount to this. Watercolour, but bits of ink, pencil, Posca and felt pen make it onto the surface. The free form of the works is similar to music, I want the works to make you feel; instinctively.

In the other I am utilising the form of my older Horizon series drawings to explore notions of Queer Theory and Politics. The work has a tendency to look back at other Queer Artists in order to reflect a history of art outside the heteronormative but this also in looking forward. The work plays with the idea of utopia, a place where all is well. As part of this it negotiates its way between different ideas of what queer should look like. These divergent view centre around the idea of marriage and look at assimilation as ether a positive or negative progression. These drawings are often playful and use a whole range of tools to convoy my various thinking, from titles to text in the work.

During my Masters Degree in Fine Art at Leeds University I’ve developed new sculptural works and a digital images. These work in a similar way to the paintings, similar forms enter the work. As they are made in a three dimensions the idea of space is integral. A range of materials can be found in the sculptures works which again are produced with a spirit of intuition and are formed more like drawings.

Nathan Chenery has been collected and exhibited both Nationally and Internationally and is features in a number of collections including Hida Takayama Museum of Art, Japan, York St John University, York and the NHS, Leeds. He recently completed his Masters degree at Leeds University and looking to exhibited this new series widely.