We 2 boys

This is a new print made after reflecting on LGBT History Month and because of that I will donate 25% to the charity.

We 2 Boys, AP, h.12 x w. 11cm, Dry point etching.

We 2 Boys, AP, h.12 x w. 11cm, Dry point etching.

This print is a remake of a lost drawing of mine from around 2007. The work is part of the “Queer Purple” and “Horizon” series and that’s reflected in the simplicity of the image and the purple tone which comes from a Derek Jarman quote. The main reference comes from a early David Hockney painting called “We Two Boys Together Clinging” and is represented by two simple marks that sit on the horizon, alone, together. The horizon where they sit is slightly broken to represent this “standing out”, this work is about that relationships. It’s about being in a gay relationship and a celebration of that, holding each other in your own little world, your own little family. I feel quite privileged in my life which has been reasonable hassle free and I know it’s not the same story for everyone in the LGBT community and that’s why I am keen to support LGBT History Month. The print is £80 mounted ready to go into an “off the shelf ” – 12″ x 10″ frame, please get in touch for more info or to buy one.